Install and uninstall applications with three APT

APT (Advanced Packaging Tool)

apt contains a database where all the programs that we can install,
is necessary to update the list of packages to ensure that new upgrades are in the moment, updating is done with this command.

#apt-get update

apt-get update

and the list looking for the packages in our repositories, execute it with the following command
#apt-cache search [package name]
with this command displays the name that we seek
I will give three examples of applications (vlc, k3b, amsn).
vlc_ k3b_ amsn_

Installation with apt

When installing a package using the following command
#apt-get install [package name]
Let us consider an example of the above


multi-platform media player and open source software that allows you to play almost all formats of video and audio over currently used (MPEG, DivX, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, FLV, MP3, OGG…)
#apt-get install vlc


We do this to show the dependencies you need to install this program and asked us if we continue with the installation or not

vlc installed


To uninstall packages

this is the step to remove the utility no longer going to use, This is the command

#apt-get remove [package name] This will delete the packet, but leave the configuration stored in the system

#apt-get –purge remove [package name] this action, removes all configuration files of the utility

#apt-get remove vlc


then shows the uninstall

Let us continue with the other two applications


Tool Data CD, Audio CD, Video CD, exact copy of CD, DVD Data and Video DVD creation. Was awarded for the best multimedia application 2006.

#apt-get install k3b


k3b installed



#apt-get remove k3b



Instant messaging client that uses MSN protocol, mimics the appearance and use MSN Messenger and supports many of its features

#apt-get install amsn


amsn installed



#apt-get remove amsn


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  1. linaclaus Says:

    gracias por este articulo en ingles, ya que siempre estamos acostumbrados que todo lo vamos a encontrar en español y este es un inicio para aprendenderlo en ingles.


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